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Terms and Conditions

  1. Bag Artisan will clean every item using methods and chemicals best suited to its nature and condition.

  2. We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials that are not visibly apparent prior to processing, resulting in damage after washing.

  3. In cleaning, we cannot be held liable for colour loss or damage to weak and tender materials.

  4. Complete removal of stains is not guaranteed.

  5. All requests for removal of stains are done at the customer’s own risk.

  6. All items must be claimed within 2 weeks from the date of notification of collection unless otherwise informed.

  7. We will accept no responsibility for the condition of any unclaimed items beyond this 2-week period.

  8. All items may only be redeemed with this Job Order.

  9. Bag Artisan will exercise due diligence and best endeavours to colour items according to its original colour or to the customer’s request to achieve the closest match. However, we cannot guarantee that the final colour will be exactly as requested due to condition and nature of the same item’s materials.

  10. Customers must inspect all items at point of collection.

  11. All complaints or dissatisfaction must be made known to the counter staff immediately. Bag Artisan will assume no responsibility thereafter.

  12. Subject to the above conditions, in the event of loss by fire, any other loss or damage to item for which we may accept liability, without prejudice, such liability SHALL NOT EXCEED TEN (10) times the rate for cleaning the particular item, up to a maximum of S$3000, taking into account the age, brand, model and condition.

  13. The damaged item, whether partially or completely damaged, shall be retained by us upon full settlement of claim unless otherwise agreed by Bag Artisan.

  14. Receipt of all items acknowledged by any other persons other than the owner of the items sent for cleaning shall be deemed to be made with the full knowledge of the Conditions of Service by the said owner of the item.

  15. By paying for the invoice, you acknowledge that you have accepted all the above terms and conditions of service.

  16. Here’s a list of our FAQs.

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