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Additional Notes to T&C

  1. All general cleaning services include interior, exterior cleaning, and dirt removal

  2. We are unable to guarantee complete stain removal, stickiness, odour if any

  3. Colour Restore/ Change will be applied only to the exterior of the item. The texture of the leather may change after the application of colour coat

  4. Colour dye will fade over time and in certain cases may cause colour transfer

  5. We will try our best to match the existing colour but it may not be an exact match

  6. There is a possibility of colour darkening after leather conditioning.

  7. Depending on how bad is the mould infestation, stain marks may remain visible after mould treatment

  8. For metal parts or accessories, tarnishing, colour fading discolouration, and scratches on metal components may not be completely removed.

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